Why we?

Added value for your company

Your business success depends today and in the future largely on how agile and efficient your value chain can be adapted and aligned to the constantly changing market situations.


The basis for this is consistently functioning logistics, as well as an organization without friction losses. Both are the backbone of every company.


In order to holistically resolve hidden cost drivers, risks, inefficient processes and thus guarantee the need to maintain competitiveness, we develop and implement a sustainable strategy to ensure an economic contribution to your corporate goal.

Success that can be measured

  • Cost reduction


  • Time to market improvement


  • Strengthening competitiveness


  • Efficient end-to-end processes


  • Temporary management I Resource-saving


  • Collaborative processes


  • Creation of transparency and efficiency through clear definition of purpose, required quality and tender criteria.


  • Affordable industry solutions for medium-sized companies.


  • Quick implementation


  • Faster ROI

Customers understand how to run their own business

SCB Consulting operates throughout Germany and has an international reach.

Customer-oriented fulfillment solutions strengthen your market position

We develop the best solution for your company together with you and your specialists. You determine how much you want to get involved and how many resources you can use.

With 100 percent customer orientation, the service offering in your company's fulfillment can be established as a strong buying argument in the market.

Product range, quality and price differ less and less in some industries today and thus lose importance as competitive parameters. Stand out by fulfilling the express and unconscious wishes of your customers for sustainable and tailored service.


  • Convince with sustainable, suitable and precise delivery times


  • Support the processes of your B2B customers with professional value-added services and thus create a win-win on both sides.


  • Act as a discussion and negotiation partner at eye level when it comes to important interfaces between you and your partners.


  • Contribute to the fact that your company is part of the success of your customers by focusing on lean processes, transparency and delivery promises.

Always create better solutions under your own steam

Make your high demands on the fulfillment sustainable. Supply Chain Brain supports you in setting up your organization even better by continuously testing and optimizing your own processes with effective tools.

Taking this ability into your own hands secures your company long-term competitive advantages. Strategic innovation management is also an option.


Regardless of whether it is the automation of a distribution center or the structured development of a global network: Supply Chain Brain is your partner in order to lead your company competently and with implementation to projects and initiatives.


Supply Chain Brain is based in the Bavarian capital of Munich and is of course available worldwide. Implement logistics projects or entire supply chain strategies with us successfully and effectively.


We are your technically strong partner for workshop facilitation, operational excellence, e-commerce and many other supply chain-related topics.


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